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GW-60, a robust, highly-refined and wearable tool for surfing sports, is the natural heir to the LOCOSYS' Surfing GPS series (GT-31, GW-31, and GW-52), with a character all of their own. It racks up the data of speed, GPS, and distance to help surfers reach the best status in each session. Simple operation brings users get into the swing of it.

GW-60 is a reliable partner for all surfers. "SPEED GENIE" records the change between speed and position, and combines with GPS-Doppler for tracking routes. Quick button-operation allows surfers to control the status immediately.

The major features include:

• Top 10 speed smart record
• Intelligent session speed report
• 10-seconds average speed display
• High sensitivity GPS performance
• Google Earth KML/GPX format support
• Built in flash memory to store 1,000,000 GPS logged points
• Multi-functional push button operation
• Time mode (Alarm, Timer, Stopwatch)
• Waterproof 50 m/ 5 ATM
• Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Worldwide Distributors - Last Update: 2016/12/22

FB Events-LOCOSYS Windsurfing VIDEO Competition (https://www.facebook.com/events/828065050691322/)

LOCOSYS club is holding a Windsurf Video Contest. Windsurfers will are welcome to submit video of their "best" waves surfed during the 2-week contest period (Jul 31-Aug 27).

It's welcome to invite all the windsurfing's friends and family to join our fan page.

GW-60 High Quality watch strap pull & torque test
GW-60 waterproof proof
GW-60 actual measured on the A330 aircraft
Auto Speed Report
Action Speed
Top 10 AVG Speeds/Top 10 MAX Speeds
Use the cable that comes along in the package to power on GW-60 and charge


GW-60 Util_Installer_0310B
GW-60 Updater_Installer V1.3B0711A
GW-60 Firmware V1.2A0314B
GW-60 QuickStartGuide_AR_V1.2
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